Top 20 places to Visit in Bihar

Bihar is one of the most renowned destinations for tourists because of its prosperous linkage with the history of our nation. If you want to explore this state then keep reading this article to find out the top 20 places to visit in Bihar.

Top Places To Visit in Bihar

  1. Munger


Because of its contact with Aryans Munger has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists in Bihar. The Aryans called Munger the Midland. Right now Munger has been developed very much and a large foreign crowd visiting this place as it is having various tourist attractions that may include Sita Kund, Bhimbandh, Chandika Astahan, Uncheswarnath and many more.


  1. Gaya


Gaya is one of the most renowned and famous places in Bihar As it is the hub of Hindu pilgrimage. It is associated with Buddhism pilgrimage as a Centre known as Bodhgaya. there is also a belief that at this place the Lord Buddha has attended enlightenment by sitting under the tree. The place for Major tourist attraction includes barabar caves, bodhi tree, Bodhgaya, Vishnu pad temple etc.


  1. Nalanda


Nalanda is famous because here the oldest university in the country has been founded which becomes the most attractive site for tourists to visit in Bihar. The main tourist attraction at this place is Nalanda archaeological museum, Silao, Suraj Pur Baragaon etc.


  1. Patna

Patna is considered to be the most advanced and largest city in Bihar which is situated on the southern bank of the Ganga. In ancient India, this place is known as Patliputra having various associations with the history of our nation. During the period of Maurya, Nanda, hariyanka, Gupta and Pala this city has flourished a lot. Must Visit Golghar in  Patna.


  1. Jal Mandir Pawapuri


Jal Mandir is famous because of its association with the Jain pilgrimage which is situated in the place called Pawapuri in Bihar. Jal Mandir is a place which is highly loved and visited by Jain devotees as there is the belief that in this place the Lord Mahavira has taken his last breath in 500 BCE.


  1. Vishva Shanti Stupa, Rajgir


Vishva Shanti Stupa is the place which is popularly known as World Peace Pagoda. It is among the seven-piece Pagoda which has been built in Rajgir and has become one of the most demanded tourist attractions places in Bihar.


  1. Griddhakuta Peak, Rajgir

One of the most glorious places to visit is the Gidha the peak which is situated in the Rajgir of Bihar. This peak has become the main source of attraction because it seats at an elevation of 380 m. As the vultures frequently visit here that is why it is also called a vulture peak.


  1. Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall, Kundalpur

Hieun Tsang Memorial Hall, Kundalpur

In the memory of One of the famous Chinese Travellers to India, Hieun Tsang this hall has been built. According to our history, it has believed that he visited Nalanda in the 5th century AD and stau here for 12 years as he was so impressed by the place to get teaching and learning.


  1. Sher Shah Suri Tomb, Sasaram

Sher Shah Suri Tomb, Sasaram

If you want to visit an example of Indo Islamic architecture then you must visit this place. In the memory of Emperor Sher Shah Suri, this Tomb has been built in 1545 AD. This Tomb has been erected in the middle of the artificial lake, which becomes its main source of attraction.


  1. Janki Temple, Sitamarhi

This Temple has built 100 years ago and is situated in the birthplace of Sita called Sitamarhi. According to our history, it has been believed that the wife of Lord Rama Sita was born at this place and for this memory, a temple was built there. Architecturally, it has elements of both Mughal Imperial and Hindu influences. Vivah Panchami, a Hindu festival celebrated between Nov-Dec, attracts pilgrims and tourists from all over the globe. Several spiritual ceremonies and rituals are performed to commemorate the city’s yearly celebration honouring the nuptials of Sita with Rama.


  1. Kesaria Stupa

Kesaria Stupa has been remarked as one of the biggest and largest Buddha Stupa in our country which is why it has become the major attraction for tourists in Bihar. During the rule of Raja Chakravarti, this Stupa has been built around 200 and 750 AD. The earliest known structure of the Stupa dates back to the third century before the common era. The first Kesaria stupa was likely constructed during the reign of Ashoka.


  1. Thai monastery, Bodhgaya

The Thai monastery has been constructed in the year 1957 with the help of the government of Thailand and Buddhist monks of India and it become the major treasure of Bihar State. It has been built in the architectural style of Thailand which is why it has become a major source of attraction for tourists.


  1. Buxar Fort, Buxar


Buxar Fort, Buxar

Buxar Fort is recognised as the glory of Bihar as it has been constructed by King Rudra Rao in the year 1054 AD. The history of the Buxar district, which is both ancient and fascinating, is closely linked to its home district, Bhojpur, and the two districts are physically connected. is among the oldest pieces of testimony, and it can be found in the district of Buxar right next to the River Ganges. Gauri Shankar Shrine, Nath Baba Mandir, and a great number of other temples are located close to the castle. This is in addition to the old fort that is located nearby. The Buxar castle may be found atop a manmade hill that was constructed on the Ganges riverbanks. Visit if you ever get the chance, but if you can only go in the winter, that will be the best time to see this amazing location.

Top Places to Visit in Buxar

  1. Shah Daulat at Chhoti Dargah

Shah Daulat at Chhoti Dargah

One of the best places to visit is Shah Daulat at Choti Dargah situated in Patna to seek blessings as it has been constructed with the loving memory of Sufi Sant Makhdoom Shah Daulat.


  1. Yoga at Munger, Munger

Most of the tourists who visit Bihar got fascinated by yoga at Munger. There are various Ashrams in this place which is known for providing accommodation and training to those people who seek to learn yoga.


  1. Visit the Chhat festival

Chhath is known as one of the most loved and renowned festivals in Bihar. This is celebrated for long six days where the Sun god has been worshipped and this festival is recognised as one of the most important parts of the culture of Bihar. So when you visit Bihar during the time of the Chhat festival you must visit this.


Apart from the above places, you can also visit

  1. Witness the Madhubani art

The town is called, Madhubani, which translates to “Forest of Money,” and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. In addition to its lovely landscapes, Madhubani is famous for its delicate tradition known as Madhubani artwork. Often recognized as the ‘Kapileswarthan’ Shrine, the temple complex of Lord Shiva located in Madhubani became one of the most popular tourist sites in the region. Many people go to the renowned fair held around Maha Shivaratri.


  1. Visit animal trade at Sonepur fair

It is Asia’s biggest livestock fair, drawing visitors from all around the continent. Organizers expect the fair to last a month, with each day lasting 15 days. In ancient times, dealing with animals was of significant significance, and this fair is primarily devoted to that reason. The Sonepur tour wouldn’t be finished without seeing the cattle festival, which is the primary cause of the event’s existence. Even if you’re not interested in trading animals, you may still see how animals are adorned for the auction. Visitors from all over the globe have been drawn to this market because of the huge variety of animals sold there.


  1. Visit barabar caves, Sultanpur

Visit barabar caves, Sultanpur

Barabar Hills are home to the caves. The caverns contain massive arches plus two granite-carved chambers in every one of them. Because of their smooth interiors, the caves provide a resonance phenomenon that is distinctive to them. Between October and March is the ideal season to visit this location. The distance between Gaya to Bodhgaya is 31 and 42 kilometres, respectively. The Barabar Caverns are Buddhist caves that date back centuries. Bodhgaya is known for its ancient rock-cut caverns, and they are among India’s ancient. The inscriptions date back to Ashoka’s nineteenth year in power.


  1. Visit Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary, Begusarai

Kanwar Lake Bird Sanctuary, Begusarai

Begusarai is recognised as a heritage township of Bihar that dates back to the nineteenth-century era. It is well-known for both its migratory and native bird populations. The sanctuary is home to 100+ breeds of birds during peak tourist season. Here, you may swim in Asia’s biggest freshwater oxbow (U-Shaped) lake. Birdwatchers, videographers, and those who just like nature should make it a point to visit this location since it has a low level of pollution and a diverse population of vibrantly coloured bird species, both of which will provide you with a new and unforgettable encounter. A visit to this sanctuary will help you get familiar with the migratory patterns of different species based on the seasons.


Bihar is the land of Glory where you will find a lot of places to visit and that is why it is considered a most loved destination for tourists from around the world. We have mentioned some of the places which are rich in historical culture which you must visit when you plan your trip to Bihar.

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