About Buxar : Top Places to Visit

Buxar is famous since ancient time for being the seats of saints. It is supposed that the word “Buxar” has been derived from VyaghraSar – The tiger face of Rishi Vedshira.

Its said that Sage Vishwamitra, the family guru of Lord Rama and 88,000 saints, had their ashram at the banks of holy river Ganges reside inside modern Buxar. It is said that He was disturbed in sacrificial offering (Yagna) by the demons. The place where  the famous Rakshasi (demoness) Tadika was killed by Lord Rama, is said to fall within the modern Buxar town area. It is also said that Buxar is the educational place of Lord Rama and his brother Laxman.

The Place, Ahilya, the wife of Gautam Rishi restored her human body from stone and got salvation by a mere touch of the feet of Lord Rama is now known as Ahirauli a village near Buxar town. Because of its history, Buxar has many places to visit.


Top Places to visit in Buxar

Baba Brahmeshawar Nath Temple – This Famous Shiva temple is located at Brahmpur, around 5 km from Raghunathpur Railway Station and 30 km from Buxar town. Know in details about – Brahmeshwar Nath Mandir.

Buxar Fort – This historic fort was erected by King Rudra in 1054 AD.

Sita Ram Upadhyaya Museum – The museum was established in 1979 for preserving rare stone sculptures and coins.

Katkauli ka Maidan – Major place of attraction in Buxar which witnessed Battle of Buxar in 1764.

Chausa Hoard – The site where first known bronze hoard was discovered in the Gangetic valley.

Bihariji Temple – A famous temple of lord Krishna, located at Dumraon, Buxar.

Naulakha Mandir – This famous temple has idols of Lord Krishna and Radhe, which are 44.5 m in height.

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