Top 5 Wireless Mouse in India 2024 under 1000 INR

Presently, Wireless mice have become highly popular around the globe. As we know, nobody likes wired things whether it is Keyboard, mobile charger, earphones or mouse. Therefore, every individual of the modern era prefers wireless mouse rather than regular mouse due to the absence of wires.

Wireless mouse is a best exemplary of convenience and flexibility as compared to all other wired mouse. If you are considering the buying of wireless mouse, then we are here to present best wireless mouse under 1000 for you.

Today, we recommend top 5 best wireless mouse of 2024 under 1000 that you can list-out while you go for purchase. So, take a few minutes and read the information till end:

  • Logitech M235
  • HP X3000
  • Zebronics Zed Dash
  • Portonics POR-016 Toad 11
  • Logitech B170
  1. Logitech M235: Logitech M235 is one of the top-notch and leading wireless mouse that you will find under 1000. It has 2.4GHz wireless connectivity upto 10 meter. Logitech offers your primarily 3 colors i.e. Grey, Red and Blue. This mouse is featured with premium features that offers you complete value of money like:
  • Presence of Slot for the storage of unusable nano receiver
  • Smooth Rubber material for ease and comfy experience
  • Tiny LED indicator for mouse movement.

  1. HP X3000: HP is one of the well-established and reputable players in technological industry. It offers a premium wireless mouse with top-notch features on efficient price. HP X3000 has 2.4GHz connectivity range and long-lasting battery life. Some of the features makes it everyone’s favorable i.e.,
  • 1600 dpi sensor
  • Surface-friendly mouse that you can use on every surface
  • Elegant look with glossy black and grey finishing

  1. Zebronics Zeb Dash: Zebronics Zeb Dash is a top-listed USB wireless mouse that comes with 4 buttons. You will get stable 2.4GHz wireless connection along with highly developed optical sensor. It is a smart energy-saving innovation that gives you worth of your money. It’s incredible features attracts you to purchase it like
  • Dash comes with effective 20m of range and 2ms of response period
  • User-friendly and comfortable design
  • High Precision resolution 800/1200/1600dpi
  1. Portonics POR-016 Toad 11: Portonics POR-016 is an incredible design that gains high traffic due to its top-notch features. It is a designed with 3D ergonomic that will successfully lessen hand fatigue. Its 2.4GHz provides you reliable connectivity without any hassle. Moreover, its high-tech features attract you to add it in your collection like:
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Long-lasting and low power consumption

  1. Logitech B170: Logitech impresses you with their every design among which Logitech B170 is one of the top-rated. It works on the upgraded 2.4GHz technology which offers you universal compatibility. It designed with incredible features that will offer you a great experience including
  • Lasting Battery life
  • Optical Tracking
  • Steadfast wireless connection


Consequently, here were one of the top-listed and incredible wireless mouse under 1000 of 2020 that you can list-out in purchasing and boost your productivity.

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